Through its centrifugation branch and the collaboration Bonfiglio&Rousselet, BONFIGLIO provides a wide product line consisting of semi-automatic, automatic and continuous CENTRIFUGES, for swarf de-oiling, pieces treatment, drying, etc.

Centrifuges range goes from 100 up to 6000 kgs/hour output production. Every company can find the suitable centrifuge for its exigencies: from completely automatic centrifugation, continuously or in batches, to half-automatic or manual centrifuges.

centrifugation branch

main applications

Centrifugation process achieve high results also in other fields, like : filtration, mud separation, liquids de-oiling. Specific machines are designed for these needs : centrifuges for oil / water separation, mud / water separation, solid / water separation, …

CENTRIFUGATION BRANCH "Rousselet byBonfiglio" : automatic centrifugation plants, for de-oiling, swarf or pieces drying or de-oiling. Automatic centrifuges - continuous centrifuges - robot automated centrifuges - tipping centrifuges - big centrifuges - special centrifuges - half-automatic centrifuges - manual centrifuges.