Some of the ancillary equipments that could complete our washing machines. For more information, please feel free to contact our technical department.

oil separator

It is an useful equipment necessary to keep the washing fluid cleaned. Our oil separators are available in different sorts according to the specific exigeance. We also manufacture indipendent oil-separator groups, that can be connected to pre-existing washing machines or tanks.


Any of our washing machines can be equipped with filtering groups of various types, so to keep the washing fluid cleaned from solid parts. Indipendent filtering groups are also available.

rotating or linear table

for chamber machines

Viene usata per il carico e lo scarico dei cesti dalla macchina di lavaggio, al posto del bancale fisso. Questo accessorio permette di caricare e scaricare il cesto in "tempo mascherato", vale a dire durante il lavaggio, aumentando la produttività.

vibrating loader

for drum washing machines

The function of this group is to load drum washing machine, by transforming a batch of pieces into a continuous flow.

loading elevator/tipper

for drum washing machines

These vertical loaders are suitable to lift and upset the pieces directly into the loading hopper of the machine.