robot-equipped washing machines

The project of automated washing centres originates in Bonfiglio to meet the requirements of many manufacturing companies that need ACCURATE WASHING to be CALIBRATED and FLEXIBLE at the same time.

The result of these projects is a range of first-class washing machines that WASH BY THE WAY OF A ROBOT, that moves the nozzles over the piece according to a pre-defined program.

Thus it is possible to wash with UP-TO-THE-MILLIMETER PRECISION, and to concentrate the washing action onto the desired points in order to perfectly wash also the most difficult holes guaranteeing QUALITY.

main features

  • Precision and accuracy at cleaning even the tiniest holes
  • High working-speed thus high production
  • Money saves on management costs and production adjustment costs
  • Extreme flexibility of working changes
  • Easy and fast to program.
  • Certified-washing guarantee


model FT 1 FT 2 FT 3
dimensions (mm) 400x200 600x300 750x400
passage height 200 300 400
loading capacity depending on request

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main applications

Automated washing, production lines washing, precision washing, automotive, hydraulics, working cells ..

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