TGR circular-tunnel washing machines

BONFIGLIO's circular-tunnel washing machines -type TGR- have been designed to be placed near-by other working machines in order to be easily loaded and unloaded by the same worker. The operator places the pieces into the circular tunnel and takes them back out clean.


model TGR 7 TGR 12 TGR 18
loading slot (mm) 200x200 300x300 500x500
max weight loading per piece 10 kg 30 kg 50 kg
circular-track standard perforation 30x30 (std) 30x30 (std) 40x40 (std)

main features

  • Supporting Frame Structure : standard feature
  • Thermal insulation : standard feature
  • Automatic level checking : standard feature
  • Automatic water replenishment : standard feature
  • Tank with side projection : standard feature
  • Filter : standard feature
  • Mechanical Rotation : standard feature
  • Electrical heating : standard feature
  • Gas heating : upon request
  • Hot drying area : upon request

layout & accessories

main applications

machine-tools pieces, working cells, working cells with machine-tools, engines, gears, taps, hydraulics, ...

information request

follow this link to request any information