ROTOS rotating-pallet washing machines

BONFIGLIO's rotating-pallet washing machines type ROTOS pull and roll the basket containing the pieces along its horizontal axis during the washing cycle.This way each part of the piece gets in contact with the sprays, and the liquid easily flows out from piece's holes. These machines are suitable to wash small/medium pieces with many cavities, or small pieces placed in bulk into the basket.

HIGH TURBULENCE (HT) : ROTOS washing machines can be realized also in the HT- HIGH TURBULENCE version. This is a particular washing technique that has been studied and tested by Bonfiglio to wash pieces with extremely complex shapes (ie. with cavities and blind holes).


basket (mm) 300x450x200 300x500x300 500x700x500 700x900x700
wash type with sprays with sprays with sprays with sprays
    ROTOS HT 335 ROTOS HT 557  
Wash type   high turbulence high turbulence  

main features

  • Supporting Frame Structure : standard feature
  • Thermal insulation : standard feature
  • Automatic level checking : standard feature
  • Automatic water replenishment : standard feature
  • Tank with side projection : standard feature
  • Filter : standard feature
  • Pneumatic Door Opening : standard feature
  • Front Charging Table : standard feature
  • Steam exhaust fan : standard feature
  • Mechanical Basket Rotation : standard feature
  • Electrical heating : standard feature
  • Gas heating : upon request

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layout & accessories

main applications

Small-pieces washing, complex-shaped pieces washing, cavities washing, screws, rivets, machine-tools pieces, automotive, pneumatics, engine's parts, gears, taps, hydraulics, valves, ...

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