VEGA drum washing machines

Bonfiglio's drum washing machines (type VEGA) are specifically designed to wash pieces in bulk, without any previous orientation.

Piece dimensions must be compatible with cylinder's, pitches' and dumping holes' ones. Pieces treatement is extremely delicate in order to avoid any modification of the piece's surface. Standard machines have two or three working steps which can be increased upon customer's request.


model VEGA 352 VEGA 482 VEGA 632 VEGA 802 VEGA 952
THREE-STEPS WASHING MACHINES (washing + 2nd washing + drying)
model VEGA 353 VEGA 483 VEGA 633 VEGA 803 VEGA 953
cylinder diameter 350 480 630 800 950
average production per hour (kg) 350 kg/h 700 kg/h 1200 kg/h 2000 kg/h 3000 kg/h
average production per hour (l) 90 l/h 220 l/h 350 l/h 600 l/h 1000 l/h

main features

  • Supporting Frame Structure : standard feature
  • Thermal insulation : standard feature
  • Automatic level checking : standard feature
  • Automatic water replenishment : standard feature
  • Tank with side projection : standard feature
  • Filter : standard feature
  • Electrical water / air heating : standard feature
  • Gas water / air heating : upon request

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main applications

Small parts washing, turned parts washing, cold forging parts washing, such as fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, fittings, taps, ...

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