SIRIO chamber washing machines

BONFIGLIO chamber washing machines type SIRIO are cheap and versatile washers. They are indispesable for maintenance and production departments and they provide maximum performance with the mimimum working costs.The washing cycle is performed by spraying and it can be generic or calibrated; in every case it is efficient and powerful.

ROBUSTNESS : this is a constant in our production and in this type of machines too; our building path is always appreciated mostly on these machines, often charged with heavy loading.


model SIRIO 750 SIRIO 1200 SIRIO 1500 SIRIO 1800 SIRIO 2400
basket (mm) 620x620 900x900 1200x1200 1400x1400 1800x1800
H utile 500 mm 800 mm 850 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm

main features

  • Supporting Frame Structure : standard feature
  • Thermal insulation : standard feature
  • Automatic level checking : standard feature
  • Automatic water replenishment : standard feature
  • Tank with side projection : standard feature
  • Filter : standard feature
  • Pneumatic Door Opening : standard feature
  • Front Charging Table : standard feature
  • Steam exhaust fan : standard feature
  • Mechanical Basket Rotation : standard feature
  • Electrical heating : standard feature
  • Gas heating : upon request

layout & accessories

main applications

General washing, maintenance, production, moulding, automotive, engines, washing before painting, big pieces washing, ...

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