vortice manually-loaded centrifuges

Removable-basket manual centrifuges, with manual loading and unloading. Strong and useful machines, suitable for small material batches.

technical data

type Vortice centrifuges

  • Removable basket
  • Vibration
  • Damper base
  • Cap with blocking and handle
  • Timer
  • Cap safety
  • Heating on request
  • Tilting basket on request
  • Hoist on request

type K Vortice centrifuges

Machines similar to standard "Vortice", but with stronger building, for special usage.

main applications

Small-pieces centrifugation, small batches centrifugation, swarf, chips, chips drying, swarf de-oiling, pieces drying, ...


Among the most common ones : loading hoist, special models, special baskets, heating, tilting baskets, ...

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